Thursday, March 23, 2006

The ABC's of Me

I want to write, but there’s a block. But, what, you ask, about all those thoughts and feelings inside of you? Why can’t you articulate those into genius web log posts to entertain me…you might add.

Those feelings and thoughts….they surface in the strangest ways, don’t they? These are just a few, for example:

Anger: Diane Linn is doing what???? Why doesn’t she GET IT???

Boredom: Yes, I have checked each one of my e-mail accounts ONE MILLION times today. Why?

Control: Don’t put that THERE! ...because it goes HERE, that’s why. Get over it!

Doubt: Was I over-the-top too soon, Brian? I have a tendency to do that, you know...are you sure?

Empty: “We make friends with the emptiness. We begin filling it up. Ha! Ha! Ha! We never fill the emptiness!

Fear: Please don’t jump up and down in this elevator….pleeeeze….

Guilt: I didn't know HOW wrong it was to break into houses when I was in the first grade. Can't you just picture it?

Hate: Skinny Bitches. 'Nuff said.

Itchy: I had to use the I somehow….but really, it’s just missing the B.

Jumpy: My friends tell me I have a tendency to get this way when I've had too much coffee.

Karma: Oh, it'll git'cha. Believe it. I do.

Longing: What is normal, anyway?

Mundane: Self-help books are my friend….aren’t they yours too?

Neurotic: Me, neurotic? Not me. Couldn’t be. You think so? Nah. That’s not me. Maybe I am. I’m not sure. What do you think?

Oppositional: Yes, I am 35 years old and still throw tantrums now and again. It's normal, right?

Pressure: You'll probably see my best performance at this point.

Quiet: Yeah, like that ever happens.

Rambunctious: See Unruly.

Shame: If I told you, it wouldn’t be shame, now would it???

Travesty: South Park vs. that's my kind of humor.

Unruly: Just ask my friends....any of them.

Vague: What do you THINK it means….?

Wasted: Not really, but I thought I’d add that in there to throw you off.

Xenophilia: You figure it out.

Yearning: Is this a woman thing, or is anyone ever really satisfied?

Zoned: Much like wasted, only it doesn't take any particular substance to make it happen. And, I do this occasionally with no help at all.


Blogger Brian Moon said...

That is an awesome post and an awesome meme. You should pass it along to other blobbers.

In fact, I'm going to do one for me, too, and pass it along!

8:20 AM  
Blogger Christi Lee said...

Ahh! I got tagged. Tomorrow, there is always tomorrow... =)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is cool... now I know what a meme(?) is.

10:32 PM  

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