Monday, March 13, 2006

List Number Two...Nothing at All Like Going Number Two

Top 10 reasons why I love my iPod Shuffle!

10. It enables me to load up to 250 of my favorite songs.
9. It's small and cute.
8. It came with a lanyard for easy placement around my neck.
7. It's convenient to wear around while exercising.
6. It's convenient to wear around while working.
5. Entertainment while on the there anything better?
4. There's a certain "status" that comes with wearing any type of iPod.
3. It SHUFFLES, for God's sake!
2. I get TONS of comments EVERY time I wear it around.

And, the BEST thing I love about my iPod Shuffle......

1. I get to IGNORE everyone around me...if I want to.


Blogger Christi Lee said...

I want One!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Brian Moon said...

iPods are the coolest...

8:53 PM  

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