Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things aren't always as they seem...

Have you ever awoken one morning and all of a sudden seen things in a different light? It's as if you look around and what once looked bright-shiny purple, now looks dull grey. What once looked like a garden feast, now looks like a pile of shit.

Yeah, that's the kind of morning I've had.

Again, knowledge is power, and perspective is key. That's been huge for me this week.

Don't mess with me. I'm not in the mood.

Have a lovely day!


Blogger Brian Moon said...

Hey, I'm sorry you're having that kind of day today.

Here, I thought I'd pass along a link to an article I read a day or two ago that might help. Just click here.

Make sure you read through the comment-fest afterward, too. Lots of love in that thread.

Hope your day gets better...

11:21 AM  

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