Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things Change

So, two years later...not much has changed, but thing have really changed. Things do that. They change. Time flies, people change, living situations change, jobs change, relationships change, our kids grow up, and money goes faster than it comes in. Well, that's how it happens in my life anyway.

My daughter and I are adjusting fairly well to her father's death, and to my father's death. Honestly, both are missed. But, our lives are moving along. I bought a house in December 2010, and we moved just into the new year. What an experience this has been. I never thought I could buy a house on my own, being a single parent especially. But, I did. And, it has been a tremendous accomplishment. Paying for it is a whole 'nother story. But, so far we're getting through.

I have no idea what's in the future for us, but I do know this....things change.


Blogger Brian Moon said...

Hey! You blogged! Yay!

Your life has changed some since the last time you blogged. That's gonna happen when you only blog about once every other year.

10:50 PM  

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