Thursday, August 31, 2006

Healthy Choices

Yesterday was another good day for me, calorie-wise and with exercise. Yay me!

In the evening, while walking around the track at a nearby school, I was watching my daughter kick the soccer ball around in the field. After that she was jumping rope, for a bit. I thought about the activities she was engrossed in, and the fact that she had ridden her bike there in the first place. It made me feel good to know that I was being a good influence on her with creating time in our lives for movement and exercise. Especially, after knowing she lazed around all day and didn't do much of anything in daycare.

I realize this is something, as a parent, we're supposed to do. But I haven't been making time for it. And, now I am trying to make it a priority. I'm excited about my recent healthy choices.


Blogger Brian Moon said...

I think that's awesome. And it sounds like it's good for both of you!

Whoo-HOO! Go, Team!

7:45 AM  

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