Friday, October 06, 2006

The Color Purple

The color purple. What does it mean to me? It's my favorite color. It always has been my favorite color. I love every shade of purple there is. I've never met a shade I didn't like.

It's a supple, multi-faceted amethyst, or a spark in your eye with the turn of a beveled crystal ball. It's the tear-shaped petal of a beautiful spring flower. Purple is the silkiness of the royal velvet on a Christmas stocking, so bright. It's the pain of a bruise at its deepest point, right before it begins to heal. It's the color of my favorite sheets.

Purple is the cat's meow, the dog's pearlescent collar, and the center of the largest spot on the peacock's tail. It can be combined with so many other colors to compliment them, so. It's that wow on someone's face when you have a new pair of shoes. Or, that comfort you find in a pair of fleece jammies you received on Christmas morning.

It's ruffles and feathers, and everything nice. Purple makes me feel good. Purple is a memory, and a distant thought, all at the same time. It's the warmth of your best friend's smile, or the tear that you wipe away when they're feeling down. Purple is the feeling you get when someone you love is playing with your hair, or rubbing your shoulders after a hard day.

I love purple. It's my favorite color. And, it always will be.


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