Saturday, September 16, 2006

State of Constant Chaos

Isn't it funny how things change so often around us? In the past few months, there has been so much change going on around me, and I feel as if I couldn't possibly be changing with the flow. But, I probably am.

Change is always good (so "they" say); however, it can be extremely difficult, at times. For me, change has always been hard. I'm the first to admit that. I have had some major changes going on at work that I haven't been handling so well. I've had a really rough couple of weeks at work. Although busy, which is nice, the change and constant chaos has been rough. I broke down a few times, and the niceties went by the wayside much near the beginning of those two weeks. I'm hoping the next two will go a little more smoothly.

As far as personally, though, the changes have been welcomed with open arms and open hearts. Not just my own. I'm thankful for making those changes within myself, and hope and pray that I can continue to stick with it. We don't want to talk about my past history in regards to sticking with "the program." It doesn't matter, anyway. That was the past. This is a new day. I'm happy to say that. And, I'm happy with the recent personal changes. Very happy.

Thanks to all who are and continue to be supportive. Positivity is enticing and contagious.


Blogger Brian Moon said...

Onward.... to The Future!

9:09 AM  
Blogger Christi Lee said...

I am happy for you. Keep at it and you will find that it may get harder, but not so much that all that you have learned along the way is not there to help you out. I hope you get that. =)

11:23 PM  

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