Thursday, January 25, 2007

7 Day Digest - Day 6

Being sick blows. And, again, not in a good way.

I just wonder what my sinuses are thinking when they're kicking my ass....

'Take this, and that!'
'Just when you thought you could bend over...HA!'
'Sit up...g'head...make my day!'
'I'm a mean, green fightin' machine!'

I hate sinus infections, and I'm lucky enough to have inherited sinus problems from my father...bless his heart.

To anyone else out there suffering from sinus problems this season, here's to lots of water, lots of rest, and lots of heavy drugs. Hopefully you have better drugs than my pitiful Advil. Cheers!


Blogger Christi Lee said...

Yeppers, the fle/cold thing sucks, we have ben over this. =)

I really got a laugh from your snot comment, however you ask for this last bit:

So, how bad is blood in your snot? Really, really bad? Or kinda normal? Marty will not look upon my boogers. =( I have ONLY you. *sigh*

8:47 PM  

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